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Weship is a reputable freight movement and relocation service provider in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are not new to this business. We have been providing transportation services in Copenhagen Denmark and its surroundings for the last 10 years. It is now that we have decided to give our business an online presence for the convenience of our clients. We cover all the shipment services inside and outside Denmark.
Weship completely understands the inconvenience that is faced by individuals while transporting goods from Denmark to other countries or from outside to Denmark. We have taken up the responsibility to offer flawless transportation services in Copenhagen to the clients by all measures.

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How Can We Help?

Individual clients as well as businesses always seek a trusted transportation company in Denmark to deliver the items abroad or to import their goods from other countries. Not every individual or business has the means to receive the goods by themselves. This is where Weship proves to be beneficial. We pick up goods, transport them to your desired location, and unload all the goods safely. You are left with no worries at all when it comes to shipment or transportation through sea, road or by air.

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Secured Storage Facilities

We have secured storage facilities in multiple locations.

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Solutions & Special Expertise

Our aim is to optimise and improve your supply chain.

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We endeavor to optimize good transportation services in Copenhagen Denmark and its surroundings to offer maximum convenience to a wide range of clients. Utilizing our top-notch transporting mechanism to bring the ease of good movement is our prime goal.

our history – Sneak Peek

The owner and management head of Weship has leveraged his years of experience in making it a leading transportation company in Denmark. He has collaborated as a subcontractor with various commercial transportation companies before starting this business. The professionalism and unparalleled goods movement mechanism of Weship is all because of the skill set that our team possesses. With each passing year, we are expanding our area of influence.

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